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Orson Welles's radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds has become a Halloween staple along with trick-or-treating. The Great Escape Stage Company will recreate the CBS Radio show Tuesday, October 30, and Wednesday, October 31, in Marshall to mark its 80th anniversary.

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Fewer bus stops will be available in Kalamazoo County. Some medical marijuana businesses in Michigan could be shut down later this week. The state reports an increase in absentee ballots cast, compared with the 2014 midterm election. 

West Michigan Opera Project

Carlisle Floyd's 1955 opera Susannah is a timeless story with a Biblical origin of our darker tendency to persecute the weak. As Sarah Faasse of the West Michigan Opera Project and Kalamazoo Philharmonia conductor Andrew Koehler tell it, the opera was composed during the McCarthy "Red Scare" era by a professor of piano who drew upon his own small-town memories and the mountain music of Appalachia to write an unforgettable opera filled with characters we can identify with easily today.

This collaboration between the West Michigan Opera Project and the Kalamazoo Philharmonia, eighteen months in the making, will be performed in two cities: on Nov 3 in Grand Rapids at Fountain St. Church, and Nov 10 at Kalamazoo College's Dalton Theatre. 

Kalamazoo YWCA Holds Domestic Violence Vigil

Oct 29, 2018
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As Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes to an end, the Kalamazoo YWCA will host its annual walk and vigil Monday evening, October 29, to honor survivors and those who have lost their lives.