Chicago musician James Falzone to present solo and combo concerts at sacred fest

Nov 12, 2013

At the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music, clarinetist/composer James Falzone will perform his solo work, Sighs too deep for words... and present a program of his original works for clarinet, oud, accordion and hand percussion with Allos Musica.

James Falzone
Credit Robert Loerzel

He speaks in-depth with Cara Lieurance about the two programs, and his musical past. Mr. Falzone credits his uncle with encouraging him to explore many worlds of music, from Josquin des Prez, to Charlie Parker, to Stravinsky. At age 42, he finds his influences and musical impulses are beginning to cohere under a more masterful composing voice. He's also inspired by working with the musicians in Allos Musica: hand percussionist Tim Mulvenna; accordionist Jeremiah McLane; and oud player and singer Ronnie Malley.