Farmers Alley Theatre To Present In-Progress Project, 'Unfriended'

Mar 31, 2017


A buzzed-about piece of musical theater from jazz pianist/composer Jeremy Siskind and playwright Adam Pasen will go before the public in a staged reading at the Little Theatre at 8 pm on April 7 and 8. Jeremy Siskind and actor/singer James Lee Richardson give listeners a sneak peek.

A summary of the plot from the Farmers Alley Theatre website:

Jen and David have vowed to keep their relationship and their lives off social media as much as possible. Their friends Keith and Kelly are the perfect embodiment of modern romance, where every kiss gets retweeted and every act of love gets likes. When David decides as a joke to unfriend Keith just to see what would happen, it sets off a chain reaction that tests the strength of each of their bonds and poses the question, "What do love and friendship mean in the Digital Age?"