Jazz at The Gilmore

Apr 8, 2016

The Gilmore International Keyboard Festival presents its 13th Festival this spring with nearly 100 concerts, and 200 artists, including 37 pianists. The festival takes place every two years in Kalamazoo, and showcases the talents of the world's top pianists in classical, jazz and beyond!  

The first episode will feature one of the great pianists of all time, Kenny Barron.  Mr. Barron was named a Jazz Master by the National Endowment for the Arts and brings his trio to Kalamazoo, which includes bassist Kiyoshi Kitigawa and drummer Jonathan Blake.  The trio has just released a new CD called Book of Intuition.

WMU jazz piano professor Jeremy Siskind and saxophone professor Andrew Rathbun will collaborate on reinterpretations of Debussy's Preludes.  Siskind has a new recording called Housewarming and is the winner of the Nottingham International Jazz Piano Competition.  Rathbun is a prolific composer, releasing over a dozen albums since 1990, and his newest is called Numbers and Letters.

Aaron Diehl brings his trio back to Kalamazoo after performing at the festival in 2012, as well as last year with Grammy winning vocalist Cecile McLoren Salvant.  Diehl is in high-demand and has collaborated with Wynton Marsalis, Matt Wilson and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.  His newest album Space, Time, Continuum is his second release on the Mack Avenue Records label. 

Over the next three episodes of Jazz Currents, we will preview some of the jazz artists that are performing at The Gilmore.


For a complete schedule and ticket information visit thegilmore.org.  

Music in this episode:

1.      Bud Like (Kenny Barron) from Kenny Barron Book of Intuition

2.      Shuffle Boil (Kenny Barron) from Kenny Barron Book of Intuition

3.      Dolores Street (Kenny Barron) from Kenny Barron Sunset to Dawn

4.      Baiana (Kenny Barron) from Sphere Four For All

5.      Lunacy (Kenny Barron) from Kenny Barron Book of Intuition

6.      Housewarming (Jeremy Siskind) from Jeremy Siskind Housewarming

7.      Tears and Fears (Andrew Rathbun) from Andrew Rathbun Numbers and Letters

8.     Awe and Remoteness (Andrew Rathbun) from Western Jazz Quartet Freefall

9.     Generation Y (Aaron Diehl) from Aaron Diehl The Bespoke Man's Narrative

10.    Flux Capacitor (Aaron Deihl) from Aaron Diehl Space, Time, Continuum

11.    Green Chimney's (Thelonious Monk) from Aaron Diehl Live at the Player's Club

12.    On the Other Side (Kenny Barron) from Kenny Barron Sambao