State House Candidate Wants To Be "Acceptable Alternative" In Republican District

Jul 26, 2018

Mark Ludwig
Credit Courtesy Photo

Mark Ludwig says being a gun owner and having experience with agriculture can make him an acceptable alternative to Republicans in the state House district that includes most of Allegan County.

Ludwig is one of two Democrats running for his party’s nomination in the 80th state House district. The winner will face Republican Representative Mary Whiteford in November.

Ludwig says he and his family moved to Allegan County in 2005 to start a small farm. He has served on the Fennville School Board and the Clyde Township Planning Commission. Ludwig says education funding should be equalized throughout the state. He says Fennville Schools could use additional funding. Ludwig says there is also room for additional funds to schools through grants and public-private partnerships.

Ludwig says the state should get rid of its Emergency Manager Law. Voters rejected the law in 2012, but a new law was passed. Ludwig says that was an undemocratic solution that created the “poisonous mess” in Flint.

Asked how the state should deal with financially distressed units of government, Ludwig says revenue sharing should be restored. He says cuts in revenue sharing took Flint from a difficult to an impossible situation. Ludwig says the state should be looking to help cities without removing local control.

Ludwig favors a carbon tax. He says that could be part of a comprehensive tax reform proposal. Ludwig says a carbon tax could be paired with a citizen’s dividend, more of that rebate could go to low-income residents. He says a “grand bargain” on taxes could include a more progressive income tax, sales tax reform and giving local governments more flexibility on taxing land and property.