Wenke Running For Congress As Libertarian

May 18, 2016

Lorence Wenke - file photo
Credit WMUK

Former State Representative Lorence Wenke is running for Congress this fall as a Libertarian.

A news release says Wenke will run for the 6th Congressional District seat currently held by Fred Upton. Democrat Paul Clements is also challenging Upton this fall.

It’s the second time that Wenke has run for office as a Libertarian. The former Republican state lawmaker got nearly nine-percent of the vote in the race for State Senate in Kalamazoo County in 2014.

Following is news release from Wenke's campaign.

Lansing, MI (May14, 2016) Lorence Wenke was nominated today to be the Libertarian Party's candidate for the 6th Congressional seat that represents southwest Michigan. The seat is currently held by long time Congressman Fred Upton. 

Wenke is running for Congress for many reasons but will focus on three main issues.

1. National Debt Our national debt is immoral. The Federal Reserve creates trillions of dollars with no more effort than a computer key stroke. The Federal Reserve answers only to the United States Congress. It is imperative that our congress begins to address our debt. We simply cannot look the other way and hope our children and grandchildren will be able to save themselves from drowning in this crushing debt.

2. Forced Taxpayer Support for Other Peoples Children As a nation, we need to initiate a serious discussion about the number of children being born into poverty. Although the conversation may be uncomfortable, we must address the number of children born to parents who are unable to financially and emotionally support a family – leaving the taxpayers to do so. Being raised in poverty places children at a higher risk for every possible roadblock to success that exists and increases the likelihood that they will suffer trauma and abuse. Poverty is by far the most defining cause of child maltreatment. Is there a place for a free birth control program? Should there be incentives for young women to refrain from multiple pregnancies when these pregnancies result in children they are not prepared to care for or support? Should taxpayer support be withheld when mothers are unwilling or unable to identify the fathers of their children? Could absent and unemployed fathers be held accountable for their children in a manner that would demand responsible behavior? The crisis is great and the answers are difficult. Nevertheless, we must try.

3. Better Management in Government Many of the various departments, agencies, and organizations within our government, at both the state and federal levels, are not managed properly.Often, there is no focus on efficiency and cost effectiveness.Elected officials rarely have a background in business management or possess the leadership skills to oversee a large department with numerous employees.Elected officials are often too distracted by raising money for their next election or their political party to be managers.Many department heads are appointed to their positions as political favors – not because of their qualifications.Individuals with the appropriate background and education should be hired to oversee the agencies and departments that serve our citizens and their compensation should be equal to private sector managers.

There is no primary on the Libertarian ticket, the general election is November 8, 2016.