WSW: Fiction Set In Detroit, That Delivers "Little Bits Of Truth"

Jul 30, 2018

Stephen Mack Jones says Detroit is "another character" is his August Snow novels
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Stephen Mack Jones always enjoyed reading crime thrillers and mysteries. His own crime thriller set in Detroit was published last year, and now two more books are in the works.

Jones, the author of August Snow will speak at the Kalamazoo Public Library’s Alma Powell Branch Tuesday night from 6:00 until 7:00p.m. Jones says Detroit is another character in his stories. He says the sights and sounds of the city put the reader in that place. Jones says setting his novels in Detroit allows him to explore issues of race and class. He says 

"Fiction has always been a great way of delivering little bits of truth."

While working in advertising and marketing in Detroit, Jones continued writing on the side. That included poetry and plays, including one about African-American veterans of the Vietnam War that was produced in several cities.

August Snow was published last year. Jones says having a novel published in the traditional way at age 62, shows “that dreams can be realized at any age, and I’m grateful for that.”

Credit Nicole Robertson / Soho Press

The second August Snow novel Lives Laid Away will be released early next year. Jones says he is “having a blast” writing the third novel in the series. How many August Snow novels does he have in him? “Let’s say at least three,” he says with a laugh. 

The novels have also attracted interested from Hollywood. Jones says he can’t share many details yet. But he says August Snow will be “on a streaming service near in the near future.”

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