Upjohn Institute for Employment Research Economist Susan Houseman says the idea that trade is not responsible for a decline in manufacturing jobs has taken hold with economists and the media. But Houseman who is the institute’s Vice President and Director of Research says the data shows trade is at least one cause of fewer manufacturing jobs.

Gustavo Martinez Contreras / The Associated Press

James W. Russell says supporters of the North American Free Trade Agreement said it would create jobs in Mexico and decrease migration to the United States. But the lecturer in Public Policy in Portland State University’s Department of Political Science says history shows that was not likely to be the case.


(MPRN-Lansing) Governor Rick Snyder wants Congress to go to work now on finding money to upgrade the Soo locks – even though no one knows yet how much it’s going to cost. 


Gov. Rick Snyder says China’s recent economic woes have not put a damper on his fifth trade mission to the country. 

"Troy is the site for the new Cuban Chamber of Commerce's headquarters. The organization, which also has offices in Miami and Washington, D.C, helps companies find customers and business opportunities in the Caribbean country." (Detroit Free Press)