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Bob Genetski says his time as a high school teacher for at-risk students inspired him to run for elected office. Now he hopes to win election to the state Senate.


10 Streets that Changed America Host Geoffrey Baer says there were dozens of suggestions for the program which debuts Tuesday night. The final list includes the Kalamazoo Mall.

Gordon Evans / WMUK

Mike Callton says the state made a lot improvements during his six years in the state House, but he says there is still a lot of work to do. Callton is running for the Republican nomination in the 19th state Senate District, which includes Barry, Calhoun and Ionia Counties. The seat is currently held by Republican Mike Nofs. He cannot run again due to term limits. 

Benjamin Famiano

You may not know it but you're left-handed. We're not talking about the hand you use the most but rather the amino acids in the molecules in your body. All life in earth uses "left-handed" molecules as building blocks. And a research team led by associate Western Michigan University physics professor Michael Famiano is trying to find out why that's true, and whether the "stuff of life" was forged in the depths of space.

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On WestSouthwest, we have a rebroadcast of our interview with Western Michigan University Professor Mitch Kachun on his book about the "First Martyr of Liberty."