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Day Sponsorship

Thank you for your ongoing support of WMUK!
We invite you to learn more about participating in our Day Sponsorship program. As a Day Sponsor, WMUK will schedule 5 announcements on the day of your choice to publicly thank you for your support, and will share a personal message about what public radio gifts mean to you.

Eligibility: WMUK Members who give a minimum $100/month or $1,200/year will have the opportunity to be recognized on air with a personalized message. WMUK staff will help craft the specialized message that will air five times on the day of the donor’s choosing. Due to staffing limitations, Day Sponsorships are only available for WMUK Members who give $100/month (or $1,200/year) or more.

Members who exceed the minimum threshold by 2x or more ($200/month or $2,400+/year) will have the additional option to be highlighted in a donor spotlight post on WMUK’s social media or newsletter.

Please fill out this form to submit your information for Day Sponsorship.

Messaging Guidelines: The message must be FCC Compliant and maintain the spirit of public radio’s language norms. The message will be scripted in the 3rd person, and it will be voiced by a member of WMUK’s staff. The entire spot is limited to 20 seconds in length.

The script must begin with an intro recognizing the donor and their gift to the station, such as, “WMUK is a member supported station, sponsored in part by donors like NAME.” Day sponsorships may not be posted anonymously.

The Day Sponsor may then provide a personal message to follow: celebrating friends or family, commemorating a personal event, anniversary, birthday, etc. A statement of support of public radio is also acceptable. Sample message ideas are offered and the end of this document.

The message may not include:

  • Qualitative or promotional language: best, award-winning, etc
  • Language that promotes a business or nonprofit organizations
  • Advocacy, religious, or political language
  • Calls to action
  • Inside jokes or codes (must be broadly understood)

WMUK will not accept Day Sponsorship requests from candidates for political office, including local boards such as school boards. An individual is considered to be a candidate for public office when that individual forms a campaign committee and/or begins campaign fundraising. Existing office holders may continue with the Day Sponsorship, but the message will not include official titles. (E.g. Big Bird and Elmo will be recognized as donors, not as Senator Big Bird or Mayor Elmo.)

Day Sponsorships are non-transferable. The on-air announcement must list the name of the person or persons making the donation. Day Sponsorships do not have a fair market value and therefore do not affect tax deductibility of member gifts.

Public holidays are not available for Day Sponsorship messaging. With specific questions about choosing a date, please contact us.

WMUK 102.1 FM reserves the right to override Day Sponsor message in the event of breaking news or transmission issues. All efforts will be made to reschedule and re-configure the script, as appropriate.

Sample Messages:

WMUK is a community supported station, sponsored in part by Big Bird. Wishing his friend Mr. Snuffleupagus a very happy 75th birthday. Thank you, Big Bird.

Programming on WMUK is provided in part by listeners like Elmo, who is excited to support public radio and tickled to be a lifelong contributing member of the station on this 61st anniversary of NPR and PBS. Many thanks to Elmo for the continued support.

Today’s programming on WMUK is sponsored in part by Bert and Ernie. Celebrating their anniversary as housemates and honoring all those who work towards equality in our community. Our sincerest thanks to donors like Bert and Ernie.

Support for today's programming on WMUK is made possible in part by donors like Oscar. Oscar loves the sound of public radio reverberating off the tin of his trash can home, and he wishes to thank all municipal trash and recycling staff in our community.
-- (Note, “The Grouch” as a title has been eliminated from Oscar The Grouch)

Program and operational support for WMUK is provided by listeners like you. Today, WMUK recognizes Mr. Rogers, who reminds listeners to look for the helpers, as there are always people who are helping. Thank you, Mr. Rogers.