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FROM WHERE I SIT: It Only Takes A Moment


It Only Takes A Moment to Make Your Gift & New Member Incentive:

Our listeners and members are not shy about sharing their opinions with me on WMUK pledge drives. Their sentences generally start with the words "I might not like pledge drives, but . . ," and then conclude with a compliment that WMUK always lets our audience know what our goal is, where we stand- and most importantly we stop when we reach our goal. 

We also get compliments on keeping our pledge drives short and holding program interruptions to a minimum. 

This April, WMUK will again keep our drive to a minimal length: We'll attempt to raise all of the dollars needed for programs in only three days of live pledging on April 13, 14 and 15. 

  This spring our goal is $160,000. Many programs fees, including those from NPR have increased and we have set our goal to cover these expenses. At the time I wrote this, our pre drive pledge total stood at around $75,000. It's clear that in order to make our increased goal this year, we'll need all of our members to make a renewal gift or an additional gift.

If you can't make a gift before April 13, and you hear us asking for contributions on the air, I hope that you'll call immediately or give online as soon as you can. Three days of live pledging will pass quickly and we're certain to need your help. Remember, it only takes a moment to make a difference, now or during the drive.

Finally, I'd like to share that WMUK is featuring a New Member Incentive. For a limited time, new member contributions will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous WMUK donor.

If you have never become a member, or maybe you were a member a few years ago and are thinking about rejoining now is the time! Please take a moment to send in your gift or donate online at Your gift will make a real difference. 

~ Gordon Bolar, General Manager