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Andy Robins / WMUK

National leaders are looking for ways to limit economic damage by the corona virus pandemic. Local communities, including Kalamazoo, are doing the same.

John McNeill / WMUK

The coronavirus outbreak is still in its early days. But Kalamazoo County’s health director says there is already a shortage of supplies and a strain on healthcare workers.

Paul Sancya / AP Photo

The corona virus outbreak now seems likely to trigger a recession. But an senior economist in Kalamazoo says there are ways to reduce the long-term impact.

Courtesy Gryphon Place

The coronavirus pandemic has people feeling anxious and isolated. But a mental health agency in Kalamazoo says there are ways to cope.

Andy Robins / WMUK

A plan to address the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic is on its way to the U.S. Senate. The House approved it Saturday after Speaker Nancy Pelosi reached an agreement with President Donald Trump. It includes expanded benefits for people who can't work because of the COVID-19 outbreak.