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News Director

Andy Robins has been WMUK's News Director since 1998 and a broadcast journalist for over 24 years. He joined WMUK's staff in 1985. Under his direction, WMUK has received numerous awards for news reporting.

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University Press of New England

On Monday’s WestSouthwest, a rebroadcast of an interview about Theodore Roosevelt – the writer. 

Marsha Meyer

He’s been known to draw with his eyes closed. At the beginning of one of Michael Dunn’s sketch series called "Accidental Marks," he puts pencil to paper blind, allowing his hand and mind free movement. Then, opening his eyes, he begins to shade, making this line or that darker, or pulling a feature or a figure out of hiding, until something dream-like emerges.

Bottled water is distributed in Parchment due to high levels of PFAS - file photo
Gordon Evans / WMUK

A Parchment paper mill used a 3M Company product that contained PFASes, municipalities say the state isn't sharing enough revenue with them, an update on the status of the "Promote the Vote" ballot proposal, and more.

Cheyna Roth / MPRN

Parchment changes its schedule and location for bottled water pickup; murders and nonfatal shootings are down so far this year in Kalamazoo; a trustee from Battle Creek Public Schools wants to attend meetings by phone from Italy, and more.

Data from Kent County shows elevated rates of testicular cancer near wells that contain PFASes, a billboard by I-94 near Paw Paw is an apparent protest of Paw Paw schools’ calling its sports teams the Redskins, Cindy Bauer (formerly Gamrat) sues the legislature again, and more.