Art Beat: The World Of Numina

Sep 26, 2019

Kamaria print
Credit Angela Sisk

When Angela Sisk discovered graphic novels, she also found a new world of possibilities. They combined her two passions: drawing and writing. Sisk has since created a fantasy world called Numina, her first venture into the world of comic books.

Sisk got started by drawing characters or scenes to to go with things she had written, for her own reference.

“Drawing comics was a natural progression of that,” Sisk says. “Once I realized you could do a comic in any genre, it was mind-blowing to my high school mind. Just the idea that you can build a world in a way, establish a culture in one short visual, it’s so efficient in terms of writing.”

Angela Sisk
Credit Michael Sisk

Sisk describes the world of Numina this way.

“On the split-world Murce, Amelia struggles to find meaning after a life-altering accident ends both her acrobatic career and her days fighting against a repressive, militaristic, religious order as a masked vigilante. While her older brother Felix takes up her mantle as The Creator’s Puppet, Amelia lives out her days as a seamstress, but can’t abandon her sense of right and the urge to bring justice to her world. After a prophetic dream and a chance encounter with a traveler from beyond the stars, Amelia is drawn into an unexpected adventure where folk lore becomes reality, ancient gods renew old vendettas, and the fate of Murce hinges on the resolve of one broken girl.”

Sisk posts pages of the Numina comic online on a regular basis. She's also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Angela Sisk will participate in the 2019 Southwest Michigan Writers’ Conference at the Niles District Library in Niles, Michigan, on October 26. She will lead a workshop on comic book writing at the free event.

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