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ArtPrize Now a Biennial Competition

Jun 25, 2018

Art from a 2014 Art Prize submission profiled by WMUK. Read the story here:
Credit Rebecca Thiele / WMUK

ArtPrize, the Grand Rapids art competition that draws entries from far beyond Michigan, will no longer be held every year. 

The directors have announced that the competition is moving to a biennial schedule. In the off years, they say, ArtPrize will commission works of art and place them around Grand Rapids. Artistic Director Kevin Buist says the commissions will let ArtPrize explore new territory.

"We get a chance to do a much deeper dive with those artists," he said. "We’re able to put more resources into funding those projects up-front rather than having a competition with a large prize."

ArtPrize will hold a competition this year, and launch the first commission, which it’s calling Project One, in 2019.