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Driver Shortage Means Canceled School Buses In Kalamazoo

Sep 7, 2021

File photo of a Kalamazoo Public Schools bus in 2013
Credit Andy Robins / WMUK

The nationwide shortage of school bus drivers is having an impact in Kalamazoo.

The Kalamazoo Public Schools say they don't have enough drivers to keep all bus routes running all the time. On Facebook, the district says it's being forced to cancel school bus routes on a "rolling" basis to deal with the problem. That means some students and families will have to provide their own transportation on some days.

The district the cancellations should affect most students only once a week.

The district says those who miss in-person classs because their bus isn't running will be able to keep up online using Google Classroom.

KPS ays it continues to try to recuit and hire new drivers to replace those who left during the COVID-19 pandemic. The district says it was only able to maintain a full bus schedule during the first week of school by using mechanics to fill in as drivers on some routes. But it says that couldn't continue indefinitely.