Jazz Currents: Pat Metheny's 'Bright Size Life'

Jun 14, 2017

The original album cover for the 1976 ECM release.

Guitar virtuoso Pat Metheny recorded his debut album as a leader in 1975. At the young age of 21, Metheny redefined the sound of the traditional jazz guitar. 

The album included drum guru Bob Moses and the uniquely talented bassist Jaco Pastorius–just before his career was about to take off. Bright Size Life takes us back to Metheny’s early compositions as he was developing a style of his own.

Musical excerpts used in this episode were all taken from Pat Metheny's Bright Size Life.

1. Missouri Uncompromised (Pat Metheny)

2. Sirabhorn (Pat Metheny)

3. Unquity Road (Pat Metheny)

4. Road Trip/Broadway Blues (Ornette Coleman)

5. Midwestern Nights Dream (Pat Metheny)

6. Omaha Celebration (Pat Metheny)

7. Bright Size Life (Pat Metheny)

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