Judge Won't Let Two "Clinical Skills Models" Testify At Preliminary Hearing For Strampel

May 4, 2018

William Strampel (left) sits with his attorney during a motion hearing
Credit Cheyna Roth / Michigan Public Radio Network

(MPRN-Lansing) There are new developments in the criminal case against a former dean of Michigan State University. A judge says two women cannot testify against William Strampel at a crucial hearing in June. 

Strampel is charged with using his position at MSU to try and get sexual favors from female students. The prosecutors say they need the women to testify about lewd comments Strampel made to them while they were clinical skills models for the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

They say it will show Strampel’s intent, but Judge Richard Ball wasn’t on board.

“No one ever comes forward like a defendant takes the stand at exam and says, ‘yeah I did it and I meant to do it,’” Judge Ball said. “It’s always a matter of inferring intent.”

At a hearing in June, Ball will decide if there’s enough evidence against him to go to trial. Ball says he doesn’t think he needs additional evidence to decide if the case should go to trial.

“It’s sort of difficult for me to understand why there needs to be further support,”

said Ball commenting on the low standard of proof at a preliminary hearing.

The case against Strampel is also starting to take shape. Prosecutors say they have some recordings of Strampel’s interactions with victims.

“It is chilling to hear the dean of the school of osteopathic medicine to say to a student in a meeting that ‘I’m going to own you,’”

said prosecutor Eric Restuccia.