Kalamazoo City Leaders Say Take State Orders Seriously

Nov 17, 2020

Credit Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Kalamazoo City commissioners are urging residents to follow the state's new COVID-19 orders, which take effect Wednesday. Mayor David Anderson says Public Safety may step in if officers run into potential “super-spreader” events. 

During Monday night's Kalamazoo City Commission meeting Anderson said:

"We're also not asking Public Safety to patrol Thanksgiving gatherings to make sure. But, when it comes to more public events and businesses that are not complying, they will be educating and enforcing, if necessary."

Among other things, the state order means bars and restaurants can only offer take out or serve outdoors. It also closes movie theaters and restricts the size of indoor gatherings to slow the spread of the corona virus. The order is in effect until December 8th.