Kalamazoo County Commissioner Julie Rogers Denies Unprofessional Conduct

Jul 10, 2020

Kalamazoo County Commission Chair Tracy Hall, left, and Commissioner Julie Rogers, right, in 2019, when Rogers was Chair and Hall was Vice-Chair. Hall recently co-authored a letter claiming that Rogers stepped down because of inappropriate behavior.
Credit Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Former Kalamazoo County Commission Chair Julie Rogers says opponents are trying to smear her as she campaigns for a seat in the State House. Rogers says that’s the purpose of a letter that current chair Tracy Hall and Vice Chair Mike Seals recently sent to the Board.

Hall and Seals claim that Rogers stepped down as chair earlier this week because of inappropriate behavior, including several instances where she was allegedly "intoxicated" (according to text posted by WOOD-TV) while conducting official business.

Rogers says the claims are false. In a statement, she wrote that she resigned the chairship to "to allow others to take the reins as I focus on my campaign for state representative."

"I hope the people of Kalamazoo will reject this transparent attempt to prevent my victory at the polls," Rogers continued, "through the extraordinarly depraved and orchestrated campaign of deceit by Hall, Seals and Moore." She was referring to Commissioner Stephanie Moore, Rogers' opponent in the Democratic primary for the 60th State House District. (Hall and Seals are Democrats as well.)

Hall has endorsed Moore for the seat. But Seals says he's still endorsing Rogers.