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Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department In Mourning Over Deputy's Death

Aug 16, 2021

Kalamazoo County Sheriff Rick Fuller surrounded by fellow law enforcement officials speaks Monday about the death of Deputy Ryan Proxmire
Credit John McNeill / WMUK

Kalamazoo Sheriff Rick Fuller says his department is in mourning following the death of Deputy Ryan Proxmire over the weekend. Proxmire was shot Saturday night during a rolling gunfight in eastern Kalamazoo County.

The 39-year-old deputy died of his injuries Sunday. The investigation into the shooting deaths has been handed over to the Michigan State Police. At a news conference Monday, Fuller said he could not release any information about the motives of the suspect and refused to name or describe him. 

“I don’t know of a good word for a person that does what’s happened here this week. My one thing that I will end my times with I will never repeat those names.”

A Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Cruiser with a black ribbon for Deputy Ryan Proxmire, killed over the weekend in the line of duty
Credit John McNeill / WMUK

Fuller says the officers involved in the gunfight that left the suspect dead will be off-duty until a standard review is completed.  

Fuller says no one else was injured from the gunfire coming from the suspect as he fled chasing deputies late Saturday night. Proxmire was wounded during the chase and his patrol vehicle went off the road. He was found by a passerby who called for help. Sheriff Fuller says he intends to thank that person.

Proxmire was a long time member of the Sheriff’s Department. He leaves behind a wife and four children.