Let's Hear It: Thunderbolt And Lightfoot's 'Songs For Mixed Company'

Jul 24, 2017

Sarah Fuerst and Phil Barry of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, in the Takeda studio at WMUK.
Credit Craig Freeman

The musical duo Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, formed in 2014 by Sarah Fuerst and Phil Barry, two members of the six-piece group the Corn Fed Girls, will release their first full-length album, Songs for Mixed Company, on Saturday, July 29 at Louie's Trophy House Grill in Kalamazoo. WMUK contributor Craig Freeman invited them to preview their work in the studio at WMUK, where they performed three live versions of their songs and shared one of the album tracks, "Miss You." 

Singing harmony is her favorite musical role, says Sarah Fuerst, who also plays bass and ukelele. She ventured into songwriting with this project, contributing "Miss Me" and three others to the new collection. Phil Barry, an experienced songwriter and well-traveled guitar soloist, admits he tried to play trumpet in his school band, but gave it up for guitar as soon as he could.  He wrote five songs on the new album, which also includes one cover: the Bruce Springsteen classic, "I'm On Fire." 

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