LHI Live: Brian Miller and Randy Gosa | WMUK

LHI Live: Brian Miller and Randy Gosa

Nov 29, 2013

Discover forgotten gems with singer/guitarist Brian Miller and mandolinist/bouzouki player Randy Gosa, live with Cara Lieurance in the Takeda studio at WMUK.

Brian Miller and Randy Gosa
Credit Darin Back

Two leading acoustic players from the Midwest, Miller and Gosa found inspiration in the folk songs of the northern lumber camps, where many Irish immigrants worked in the mid 19th to 20th centuries. 

They talk with Cara Lieurance about researching and arranging the songs, and demonstrate with "Jails of Buffalo," "The Banks of the Little Eau Pleine," and "How We Got Up the the Woods Last Year."

Brian Miller and Randy Gosa's music is available at evergreentrad.com, which also features vintage photographs and more information on lives and pastimes of the north woods lumberjacks.