LHI Live: Dan Willenberg on the Genius Of Monk | WMUK

LHI Live: Dan Willenberg on the Genius Of Monk

Sep 28, 2018

Dan Willenberg, an aficionado of classical, jazz and Monk, plays in WMUK's Takeda Studio.
Credit Craig Freeman

For classically-trained jazz pianist Dan Willenberg, Thelonius Monk is a creative genius who was both generous with his fellow musicians and uncompromising in his mission to live his music his way. In a free-ranging interview with Craig Freeman, Willenberg shares a personal vision of the sometimes-misunderstood jazz master, highlighting some special aspects of his playing and personality. 

Willenberg plays the Thelonius Monk tunes "'Round Midnight," "Bye-Ya," "Let's Cool One," "In Walked Bud," plus Duke Ellington's "Prelude to a Kiss." 

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