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LHI Live: The Four Cellists of Cellicatessen

Apr 15, 2015

In the fall of 2014, Western Michigan University professor of cello Bruce Uchimura came up with the idea of bringing together four of his advanced students to perform as a cello quartet. The members of Cellicatessen -- Jordan Hamilton, Allyson Perez Monsanto, Adriana Fernandez Vizcaino, and Chaz Helge -- soon found they enjoyed exploring the repertoire for four cellos, and even writing and arranging their own works for the quartet.

The four musicians talk about their various backgrounds and how the joys and challenges of playing the cello creates a fellowship between players. Music includes selections by Astor Piazzolla, Julius Klengel, Johann Strauss Jr, an original piece, Merengue Quartet, by Allyson Perez Monsanto, and two songs by the rock band Muse, arranged by Chas Helge.