LHI Live: Nashon Holloway And Bryan Blowers

Nov 4, 2014

Keith Hall talks to two homegrown artists who are beginning international careers in music. Kalamazoo singer/songwriter Nashon Holloway, equally at home in jazz, soul, and folk, has taken two months-long trips to Dubai to perform. Portage native Bryan Blowers, one of the most versatile guitarists west Michigan has produced, will spend the 2014-15 season cruising the oceans for Royal Carribean as a ship musician. 

Bryan Blowers and Nashon Holloway

Together, Nashon and Bryan are a songwriting team with a variety of original songs in their catalog. They let loose on duo versions of five of them in the studio.  They also talk to Keith Hall about how the songs are created, and the ways real life experiences affect musical expression.