LHI Live: WMU Bassoon Studio | WMUK

LHI Live: WMU Bassoon Studio

Feb 13, 2015

Taking a break from their studies at the School of Music at Western Michigan University, bassoonists Laura Diaz, Quinn O'Donnell, Troy Robertson III, Joseph Swift, Hannah Truckenbrod, Mingyuan Yang and Evan Zanger visit the Takeda studio at WMUK to perform music arranged for one to seven bassoons.

From left to right: Joe Swift, Mingyuan Yang, Laura Diaz, Troy Robertson, Evan Zanger, Hannah Truckenbrod, Quinn O'Donnell.
Credit C. Lieurance

Between performances of everything from Haydn chorales to South American tangos, the students talk about the quirks of the instrument, and some of the unique challenges it presents to the advanced player. We also hear from Dr. Rose, who explains how she tries to create an environment of both work and fun for her students.