Meet 'Arts & More' producer Erin Williams

Jan 24, 2014

WMUK Producer Erin Williams in the news studio

Williams recently completed a year-long fellowship with St. Louis Public Radio where she reported on race and cultural issues in the area.

'Don't sleep on the arts. Honestly if you can't find one that you like, keep looking. There's something to be appreciated in everything.'

In one of her stories, she talked with a man who encouraged passers-by to type their thoughts into his typewriter. That story eventually aired on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Williams was born and raised in Alabama. She later attended the University of Alabama. Williams says she hasn’t lived in Alabama since college, but she makes it back home to visit family. 

She says she’s still getting used to the snow her in Michigan, but she’s impressed by how much there is to do in a smaller city like Kalamazoo.

Williams says one of the things that fascinates her about the arts today is how they’re funded. She says you can raise the money for just about any project these days through online resources like Kickstarter.

Williams says artists are also finding ways to create their art uses inexpensive materials. Williams says so many arts venues and organizations are closing these days, so funding is more important than ever.

“Don’t sleep on the arts,” says Williams. “Honestly if you can’t find one that you like, keep looking. There’s something to be appreciated in everything."