Murder For Two A Tour De Force Of Comedy, Piano Bravura

Apr 29, 2016

Joe Kinosian and Brett Ryback
Credit Joan Marcus

Farmers Alley Theatre's second collaboration with the Irving S. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival deliriously mixes a murder mystery, comedy, singing and piano playing by both performers. Brett Ryback is Officer Marcus Moscowicz, who hopes to solve the murder of a famous author and be promoted to detective. Joe Kinosian, one of the show's creators, plays all twelve suspects, including a gruff psychiatrist, a ballerina, a squabbling couple, the non-grieving wife of the murder victim, and even a handful of choirboys.


At WMUK, Joe Kinosian and Brett Ryback take command of the piano in the Takeda studio and treat listeners to a preview of some of the show's clever and zany songs. Director Jeremy Lapp talks about the history of Murder For Two and its journey from Off Broadway to a national tour. This is one of the first opportunities to see Murder For Two in a regional production. The run will end on May 15.