New Music Concerned With Social Justice Premieres At Arcus Center

Jan 10, 2017

Ian McGuffin and Cassandra Kaczor at WMUK.
Credit C. Lieurance

On Wednesday, composer/pianist Cassandra Kaczor and baritone Ian McGuffin, both graduate students at Roosevelt University in Chicago, will premiere a new, eight-movement work based on the writing of Will Brooks, a musician, writer, and voice for the LGBT community. In an interview and performance at WMUK, Kaczor and McGuffin talked about writing the work and previewed three selections.

Adam Schumaker, who joined the interview, is the Kalamazoo College faculty member who organized the premiere. It will be held Wednesday, January 11 at 7:30 pm in the Arcus Center For Social Justice at Kalamazoo College. The concert is free, and a free workshop is also available at 5 pm. Further details are available on the Dried Tobacco Project facebook page.

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