New Saturday Schedule

Jun 21, 2013

For quite a while now WMUK has offered listeners news and entertainment on Saturday mornings.  Soon, we will also be adding a touch of inspiration with the addition of the TED Radio Hour to WMUK-1.

Public radio listeners across the nation have embraced this new production from NPR that pulls together interesting and inspiring stories from TED events across the nation.  Guy Raz is the host.  We have been offering the show on WMUK-2 for the past few months where it has also been well received.

To make this program change, we will be moving NPR’s Car Talk to WMUK-2 where it will continue to be heard at its “regular” time of 10 a.m.  Wait, Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me will be moving to 10 a.m. on WMUK-1 and will be followed by the TED Radio Hour at 11.

Starting July 6, the WMUK-1 schedule will be:  8:00 "Weekend Edition," 10:00 "Wait, Wait . . ." 11:00 "TED Radio Hour," and "From the Top" at noon.

Starting July 6, the WMUK-2 schedule will be:  8:00 "Classical 24," 10:00 "Car Talk," 11:00 "Studio 360," and "This American Life" at noon.