PEN Trio Debuts New Works On BPI Season Opener

Sep 13, 2017

Phil Paglialonga, Nora Lewis, and Eric Van Der Veer Varner of PEN Trio.
Credit Pen Trio

The PEN Trio, formed by Nora Lewis, Eric Van Der Veer Varner, and Phil Paglialonga, is an oboe-clarinet-bassoon trio, or trio d'anches ("reed trio"). This type of trio became standard around the turn of the 19th century, when Trio d'Anches de Paris asked the best composers of their day to write works for their combination. Today, the PEN Trio continues to bring new works into the repertoire. In the studio at WMUK, the members of the PEN Trio and composer Charles Nichols talk with Cara Lieurance about the new works on tonight's concert.

The PEN Trio opens the BPI Live and Interactive! series tonight at 7 pm in the Dalton Center Recital Hall at WMU. The concert will feature newly composed music for the PEN Trio + electronics by Charles Nichols and Daniel Eichenbaum as well as the world premiere of Entanglement, an interactive audiovisual work for solo oboe and computer composed by Christopher Biggs and performed by PEN Trio oboist Nora Lewis. Biggs and Lewis serve on the faculty of Western Michigan University’s School of Music. Composer Charles Nichols will be in residence with the PEN Trio and will work with composition and music technology students during his visit.

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