Prop 2 Passage Celebrated In Kalamazoo

Nov 7, 2018

Proposal 2 supporters gather in Kalamazoo on Tuesday night
Credit Adam Rayes / WMUK

Kalamazoo-area supporters of the group Voters Not Politicians are celebrating Tuesday's passage of Proposal Two. It sets up a new, independent commission to draw political district lines.

At an Election Night party in Kalamazoo hosted by Voters Not Politicians, the group that got the issue on the ballot, Lucia Baker said taking the power to redraw political boundaries after each Census away from state lawmakers will improve Michigan's political climate.

"A lot of people feel that their voices are not being heard, that they're being ignored by the people who are supposed to be representing them at the legislative level. I think this proposal will do a really awesome job of making sure that those people know that their vote counts, that they know that they're the constituent of someone who cares about their concerns, who cares about the issues that they think are important."

Supporters of Voters Not Politicians watch Election Night returns in Kalamazoo Tuesday
Credit Adam Rayes / WMUK

Robert Weir is a Kalamazoo activist with Voters Not Politicians. He says the change gives voters more leverage at the State Capitol.

"The voting districts are going to be drawn in a way that creates more competitive elections, and therefore the people who are elected are going to have to listen to their constituents, which they are not doing now."

Supporter Cyndy Keesler agrees and says the success of Proposal 2 will make the state legislature more reflective of the will of voters.

"If we can have the redistricting done so that it represents the peoples' votes, Michigan's representation will be as 'purple' as its voting is."

But opponents of Proposal 2 say they haven't ruled out going to court to challenge it.

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