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Proud Boys Met By Counter Protest in Kalamazoo

Aug 15, 2020

Protesters in Kalamazoo Saturday opposing a Proud Boy rally
Credit John McNeill / WMUK

Members of the white nationalist group the Proud boys clashed with counter demonstrators in downtown Kalamazoo on Saturday. 

Kalamazoo Public Safety Assistant Chief Vernon Coakley says law enforcement did not step in until a fight broke out.

"We as law enforcement noticed that it was no longer peaceful, we then began to establish a police line and dispersed the large fray from fighting.”

After the Proud Boys left the area, counter protestors continued to demonstrate in the city. Kalamazoo Public Safety officials say the counter protests did result in some arrests. 

MLive says one its reporters was among those arrested. Samuel Robinson has been released on $100 bond. Records show he was arrested on a charge of impeding traffic.