Republican State Rep. Not Advocating Democratic Gains, But Says People Would Work Together

Oct 22, 2018

Aaron Miller
Credit Gordon Evans / WMUK

Aaron Miller says there are always good reforms for the state Legislature to work on. The Republican state lawmaker says auto insurance would be at the top of his list, if he wins a third term in the state House.

Miller is running for re-election in the 59th state House District, which includes all of St. Joseph and most of Cass County. Miller says Michigan has to do something to reduce auto insurance rates. He says benefits should not be changed for people receiving long-term benefits under Michigan’s current system. Miller also says there should be a hospital fee schedule. He says Michigan doesn’t necessarily want to get rid of no-fault insurance, but Miller there he says people should options for cheaper, less comprehensive coverage.

Asked about PFASes, Miller says it’s an issue that hasn’t affected his district yet. But he says there is no guarantee that it won’t be found there. Miller says more testing may be needed of wells.

Miller supported a proposed income tax cut last year. He says he would like to reduce the tax burden on Michigan citizens. Miller says the state can cut taxes, but he says things can change. Miller says if there is a reduction in revenue, then a tax cut may not be good policy.

Republicans have been in control of the governor’s office, and both chambers of the Legislature for eight years. Miller says if Democrats win the governor’s office or part of the state Legislature, he says it would be a change. Miller says he’s not advocating for it, but he says one silver lining would be that it would force people to work together. Miller says he has worked with Democrats in the past, and “I would be just fine with” doing so in the next session.