Shelagh Brown to perform at Kindelberger Park concert series

Aug 9, 2012

Shelaugh Brown with an accompaniment in the WMUK studio

The Kindleberger Park concert series attracts diverse artists to entertain hundreds of spectators every year in Parchment. Kalamazoo singer-songwriter Shelagh Brown will perform at Kindleberger. Brown says she's been surrounded by music her entire life.

She says music called her from a very early age.

“I think it all began from before I was born," says Brown. "My parents were musicians and entertainers and my father had a recording studio in the basement, so I just grew up with music throughout my house, my whole life and I think it just kind of progressed as a natural thing.”

Shelagh studied vocal performance and music education at Western Michigan University and has professional vocal training in classical, jazz, and musical-theatre styles. All of these blend into her unique sound.

“I would say that over all it is country; it’s country music," Brown says. "I kind of take what I learn and apply it to my music. I’m happy to say people that don’t like country music, who have seen me perform, you know they will come up and they be like, you know, I’m not a huge country fan but I like your music.”

Shelagh is a busy artist who books several shows each year. She’ll perform August 12th at Kindleberger Park in Parchment as part of their annual concert series. This is her second year performing at the venue. 

“There were a lot of people there, and I think it’s great because you can come out with your family, set up a little picnic area, just kind of chill and relax, enjoy the park and the music. I had a great time last year,” Brown says. “I love the beauty of nature and I think the park is beautiful, the trees are gorgeous and huge and again just the stage and the space."

Kindelberger Park Public Relations Manager Kris Jordan says performers like Shelagh Brown draw the public to the park.

“The community and the Kalamazoo area, even South West Michigan is starting to realize that the stage exists, that there is a summer concert series there that is definitely worth the trip," Jordan says. "So that’s exciting."

During Shelagh Brown’s performance, you’re likely to hear upbeat anthems and sensitive ballads.

“The song Sunflower that I wrote with some friends of mine, I’ve been able to get it on the radio a few times here and there. And I feel like a lot of people have been drawn to that song and been able to connect to it,” says Brown.

Catch Shelagh Brown, at Kindelberger Park in Parchment, Sunday night at 6:30.