Southwest Michigan Today: Monday June 10, 2019

Jun 10, 2019

The Corrections Department raises concerns over its proposed budget. A drop in phosphorous is ahead of schedule in part of the Great Lakes. The Growlers are shut out at home. The Bombers win on the road.

(MPRN) The Michigan Department of Corrections says the state House version of the corrections budget could raise legal problems down the road. The proposed spending plan passed out of a committee last week. The major concern comes from redirecting current project money that was earmarked from previous budgets, but hasn’t been spent yet, for other things. The Republican chairman of the House spending committee says he will continue to work with the department on the budget.

(WDET) The Great Lakes Water Authority says it has reduced phosphorous levels in its water by nearly 60 percent. That surpasses federal and state regulators’ goal of a 40 percent reduction by the year 2025. The Chief Operating Officer of the agency’s wastewater services Navid Mehram says the reduction is important in helping fight harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie. Nearly four-million customers receive water services through the Great Lakes Water Authority.

(Interlochen Public Radio) The federal government will investigate tart cherries coming into the U.S. from Turkey. Many domestic tart cherry farmers, including those in Michigan say they can’t compete with Turkish imports. The U.S. International Trade Commission is investigating how Turkey can sell their cherries for lower prices. If they find out Turkey is using unfair trade practices like illegal subsidies the U.S. can place a tariff on them to even out the price. A final decision on that tariff is expected in the fall.

(Michigan Radio) U.S. automakers have asked California and the federal government to restart talks on fuel economy standards. The Trump administration says it plans to freeze the standards after 2020, and revoke California's waiver to set its own standards. California says it will sue if that happens. That creates uncertainty for automakers.

In baseball, Kalamazoo lost to Traverse City Sunday 7-0. The Growlers were held to four hits by three pitchers. Kalamazoo will host the Pit-spitters again Monday night at Homer Stryker Field to wrap up the two game series.

Battle Creek won for the third time in four games, 9-2 at Kenosha Sunday. The Bombers and Kingfish will play again Monday night to wrap up the two game series.