State Senate Candidate Wants To Help Michigan "Reprioritize"

Oct 17, 2018

Jason Noble
Credit Courtesy Photo

State Senate candidate Jason Noble says Michigan needs to improve its infrastructure. The Democrat says he decided to run to make that priority a reality.

Noble is running in the 19th state Senate district that includes Calhoun, Barry and Ionia Counties. It’s the district currently represented by Republican Mike Nofs, who can’t run again due to term limits.

Noble says Michigan should repeal Act 51 which regulates how money for roads is distributed to local governments. He says the law is outdated. Noble says the state needs to prioritize what roads need repairs, and empower local government with proper budget to take care of their roads. Noble says he’s not sure that Michigan needs to raise taxes for roads, but is not necessarily opposed to the idea.

Noble says he wants the state to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour. He says it would create competition for skilled labor. Noble says he would also like to see small businesses get tax breaks when they employ full time workers so people don’t have to work multiple part-time jobs.

The state Senate candidate says he wants to get money out of politics. He says voters should elect people like him who don’t take corporate money. Noble says there are limitations on what the state can do because of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, but he would support more transparency.

Asked about high levels of PFASes in several communities, Noble says it’s important to keep identifying places where PFASes are in communities, including the Battle Creek area. Noble says it’s important to identify causes and have a strong Department of Environmental Quality.

The Republican candidate won more than 61% of the vote in the 19th state Senate district in 2014. Noble says he's been telling voters that he doesn’t take corporate money and is not interested in special interest groups. Noble describes himself as a lifelong independent that joined up “because I want to help.”