WestSouthwest: The future of WMU's East Campus

Jul 9, 2013

West Hall on WMU's East Campus - file photo
Credit WMUK


The chairman of Friends of the Historic East Campus David Brose weighs in on plans for the university's original campus. 

On the debut of WestSouthwest Western President John Dunn said "a lot of money" could alter plans to demolish three of the four original buildings on East campus. East Hall will be transformed into an alumni center in 2015. 

File photo
Credit WMUK

Brose tells WMUK's Gordon Evans that Dunn deserves credit for planning to use East Hall as an alumni center. But Brose says the university should hold off on demolishing the other buildings on East campus. He says if Western comes up with a plan for using the existing buildings, they would be more likely to find financial support.