WMUK Freelancer Nancy Camden Leaves For Wisconsin

Jun 13, 2014

Nancy Camden on location in Kalamazoo
Credit Brian Petersen

Radio and oral history producer Nancy Camden joined our arts and culture team in 2010 at age 60. Since then she's been creating sound rich audio features for our Arts & More program: mostly local history and human interest stories.

Camden will be making a permanent move to Wisconsin where she'll produce stories for Wisconsin Life, a series on Wisconsin Public Radio featuring the people and places that make Wisconsin unique.

Nancy Camden's fabric art dolls

Before freelancing with WMUK, Camden was a fabric artist for about 30 years. In 2007, she decided to move to Wisconsin to be with her boyfriend, but her home near Jackson never sold.

Since then, Camden has been dividing her time between Wisconsin and Michigan. Now, seven years later, she finally sold her house in Michigan.

Camden's last story for WMUK was on the Michigan Female Seminary in Jackson, where Ella Sharp went to school. Camden's first job out of college was at the Ella Sharp Museum.

"My body of work reflects a desire to build community in the broadest sense and to enrich life by finding it endlessly interesting," Camden writes.

"I believe that everyone has compelling stories to share. I thank those who shared theirs with me and the listeners."

We'll miss Nancy, but we wish her the best of luck in Wisconsin. She's a truly talented producer who has the ability to make even the most simple subject into a fascinating story that peaks your curiosity. Nancy is a true storyteller and we know she'll do well in Wisconsin.

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