WSW: Former Rep. Aric Nesbitt Wants To Continue Job Growth, Conservative Fiscal Policy

Jul 26, 2018

Aric Nesbitt
Credit Gordon Evans / WMUK

Aric Nesbitt spent six years in the state House and just over a year as Michigan Lottery Commissioner. The Republican from Lawton hopes to work reducing auto insurance rates, improving roads and getting rid of sanctuary cities.

Nesbitt grew up south of Lawton on his family farm. He represented Van Buren County and part of Kalamazoo County in the state House for six years. Nesbitt is one of three Republicans running in the 26th state Senate district, which includes Van Buren and Allegan Counties, as well as part of Kent County.

Auto Insurance

Nesbitt, who served on the insurance committee in the state House, favors providing options for drivers and a full audit of the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association. Nesbitt calls Michigan an outlier state because if provides lifetime unlimited benefits for injuries from catastrophic auto accidents. He says drivers should be able to buy cheaper insurance that would cap coverage.


Nesbitt says 30 years of neglect of the state’s roads won’t be fixed overnight. He says a big increase is coming in future years. Nesbitt says road funding should be prioritized. He says the state did the right thing this year by using growth in revenue to accelerate the increase in funds to fix roads.

Budget Future

Asked about a Citizens Research Council Report on some tough decisions that lawmakers could face in coming years, Nesbitt says it’s hard to predict the future. But he says over the last eight years the state has come up with a simpler, fairer tax code, grown jobs and increased the rainy day fund. Nesbitt says under Republican leadership, responsible budget decisions have been made, and he says the state should continue down that path.


Asked about the lessons of the Flint water crisis, Nesbitt says it should be the need for a long-term growing economy and jobs for Michigan workers. He says it also shows the importance of infrastructure. Nesbitt says cities should manage their finances better to avoid having to come under an emergency financial manager. He says the state has to step in if a city is in danger of doing bankrupt because he says that responsibility would fall to all of the state’s citizens.


Nesbitt describes the ballot proposal to legalize marijuana proposal as flawed, and not well thought out. He is not supportive of expanding recreational marijuana, and says current laws are sufficient for medicinal marijuana.

President Trump

Nesbitt calls himself a strong supporter of President Trump. He introduced now Vice President Mike Pence at a campaign rally in Kalamazoo in 2016. Nesbitt says the President understands the base of the Republican party, and he expects the base to turn out in November.

Discussion of other issues can be heard in the extended web version of the interivew. 

Sanctuary Cities

Nesbitt says federal law should not be flaunted. He says local, county, state and federal law enforcement should talk to each other and be able to work together.


Nesbitt says he favors fewer mandates on local school districts. He says there should be more pathways for students, including vocational options.


Describing himself as a supporter of the Second Amendment, Nesbitt says he doesn’t favor any more restrictions on guns.


Nesbitt describes the redistricting ballot initiative as a “Democrat gerrymandering proposal.” He says there’s a process in place to provide compact contiguous districts with roughly the same population while keeping cities and townships in the same district as much as possible.


If Roe Vs. Wade were overturned and the question of abortion were returned to the states, Nesbitt says he would want abortion to be illegal. He says the only exception he favors is for the life of the mother.

Open Records

Nesbitt says he supports legislation to open up the Legislature and governor’s office to the Freedom of Information Act. He says the state should always try to allow more sunlight in.