WSW: Imagining Kalamazoo In 2025

Aug 7, 2017

Downtown Kalamazoo - file photo
Credit WMUK

What do Kalamazoo residents want the city look like in 2025, and how can it happen? A 15 month process to develop a new master plan has been trying to answer those questions.

The master plan is now available for public review. Kalamazoo City Planner Christina Anderson says the process known as Imagine Kalamazoo 2025 was used to find out what citizens wanted. Anderson says things like walkability depends on each neighborhood. She says planners have to determine how many sidewalks are needed and how big they are. Anderson says they also tried to come up with the idea of a complete neighborhood, things like access to food and recreation.

The master plan is a setting of priorities for the city that will help determine planning and land use. Anderson says that will include how money is spent on “aspirational projects” that could be funded by the planned Foundation for Excellence.

A six week review period of the master plan has started. People can comment through the city website, and there is an opportunity to comment at places where the plan is available for review. Anderson says city staff will be at a number of events to get feedback. A September 12th city-wide meeting will be another opportunity for public comment. The comment period closes on the 15th, Anderson says that will allow for a review of the feedback before a public hearing on the plan. She says that will be another opportunity for public comment. But Anderson says public engagement does not end with the approval of the master plan.

The city Planning Commission will review the proposed master plan on October 5th. It will probably go before the city commission in mid-October.