WSW: Kalamazoo Community Foundation Focuses on Education, Equity, Engagement

Mar 5, 2015

The Learning Network of Kalamazoo is part of the Kalamazoo Community Foundation's efforts to improve education
Credit Kalamazoo Community Foundation

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation has launched a new strategic plan for the next two years. It will focus on equity, education and engagement. The foundation's board approved the new vision in September.

Foundation President Carrie Pickett-Erway and Vice President for Community Investment Suprotik Stotz-Ghosh sat down with WMUK's Gordon Evans to discuss how they plan to implement their new strategic plan. 

Pickett-Erway says feedback from focus groups was used to determine what areas should be addressed. Stotz-Ghosh says the Kalamazoo community has a good corps of non-profit groups. He says collaborative efforts will be important in addressing those issues. Stotz-Ghosh says the Learning Network of Kalamazoo is an example of many different groups that have worked together.

The three areas, equity, education and engagement are interconnected according to Pickett-Erway. She says education is the best path to prosperity, and to address the issue of equity. But Pickett-Erway says engagement is necessary to work on any of those issues. 

Asked what developments may come next, Stotz-Ghosh says it's important to ask questions, rather than just propose solutions. He says those questions should be about the structural hurdles that prevent people from having economic mobility.