WSW: State Rep. John Bizon Wants To "Get It Right" On Education, Health Care And Roads

Jul 30, 2018

John Bizon - file photo
Credit WMUK

John Bizon says much has been done to improve Michigan’s economy. But he says the state still faces problems in health care, transportation and education.

Bizon has been an ear, nose and throat doctor for last 30 years in Calhoun County. Before that he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. For the last four years, Bizon has represented the 62nd district, which includes the city of Battle Creek in the House of Representatives. He is one of two Republicans running for state Senate in the district that includes Calhoun, Barry and Ionia Counties.


Bizon says teachers and other education professionals know how to educate. He says the state should stay out of the way and not micro-manage education. Health Care Health care is of particular interest to Bizon, who still practices medicine. He says costs have to be controlled, but he says care is also important. Bizon says Michigan needs to be a healthier state. He says most health care indicators have not improved, or have gotten worse.


Bizon says Michigan should look to develop better technologies in road repair and paving. He says other states are using materials that last longer. Bizon says Michigan should look at other states and import best practices on roads. He says the best technology may cost more up front, but can make roads last longer. Bizon says Michigan should also look within the state at its 83 road commissions. He says Michigan should examine the best performing road commissions to see what they do well.

Auto Insurance

Bizon says everyone who touches Michigan’s auto no-fault system has developed their own interests in maximizing profits. He says a comprehensive approach is needed for reform. Bizon says that includes investigating fraud to see if people are using the system to charge higher rates. He also favors a cap on the amount that the state would pay for people who suffer serious injuries in car accidents. Currently the state provides lifetime coverage for people who need care because of an auto accident.


Asked about the ballot proposal to legalize marijuana, Bizon says it will be a “plague upon children and grandchildren” if it’s approved. He says research shows detrimental effects of marijuana on youth and adolescents. Bizon says he fears that legalized recreational marijuana will end up in the hands of young people who will suffer because of it.

Discussion of other issues can be heard in the extended version of the interview.

State Budget

Bizon says Michigan needs to examine it’s the services it offers for return on investment. He says programs that don’t show a high return on investment maybe need to be cut.


Bizon says guns should be kept away from people who are mentally unstable. He says background checks are important, but he says due process is important for determining who should have access to weapons.

Flint Water Crisis

Asked about the lessons of Flint, Bizon says he sees the problem as bureaucrats who knew rules, but didn’t understand meaning behind the rules. He says people running health programs need to stay informed at all levels of government.

Medicaid Work Requirements

Bizon says able bodied people should be contributing to society. He says he is eager to see the results of work requirements, approved by the Legislature for people in the Healthy Michigan Program.


Bizon says he doesn’t support the proposal to change how district lines are drawn for Congress and the state Legislature.

President Trump

Asked about Republicans being closely aligned with President Trump, Bizon says the President did very well in Calhoun County in 2016. He says Republicans remain supportive of the President.