WSW: StoryCorps Military Voices and the World Transplant Games

Jul 24, 2013

WMUK General Manager Gordon Bolar speaking at the launch of the Military Voices Initiative in Washington D.C.
Credit StoryCorps

On this week's WestSouthwest, StoryCorps Founder David Isay discusses oral history. And retired Western Michigan University Professor David Rozelle prepares for the World Transplant Games. 

WMUK's Gordon Evans spoke with StoryCorps Founder David Isay while the Military Voices Initiative was at Western Michigan University. Veterans and their close friends and family have been recording oral histories just like StoryCorps has since it launched in 2003. 

Isay discusses the oral history project's first decade, how the Military Voices Initiative grew out of StoryCorps, and future projects. 

Retired Western Michigan University Professor David Rozelle is preparing for the World Transplant Games being held in Durban, South Africa. 

Rozelle will compete in the 5K almost a dozen years after his heart transplant. He tells WMUK's Gordon Evans that the games raise awareness about organ donations and what is possible after a transplant.