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WSW: Trying To Stay One Step Ahead In Cybersecurity

Nov 2, 2017

Schneider Hall in Western Michigan University's Haworth College of Business - file photo
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Western Michigan University Professor Alan Rea says businesses are in a cybersecurity “arms race.” He says there’s more electronic information, and people are constantly online make it easier for attackers. 

Rea, a professor of Business Information Systems in Western’s Haworth College of Business is among the speakers at a conference on information technology and cyber security being hosted at WMU Thursday and Friday.

Rea says attacks on electronic information are an ongoing problem. He says while people can take precautions “it’s naïve” for anyone to think their personal information isn’t out there.

Asked about the response by business, Rea says they are “finally” spending more money and have more staff dedicated to cyber security. But Rea says defending systems against attacks is about more than technology. He says companies also need to constantly review their policies and procedures.

Western Michigan University has launched a graduate certificate program in information security. Rea says he hopes it morphs into a master’s of science program. Rea says cyber security is a growing field, and is expected to keep growing over the next 10 years. Rea calls it a “Good field for someone looking for a job.”