6th Congressional District

J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

There are Republican and Democratic primaries Tuesday in Michigan's Sixth Congressional District, which includes Kalamazoo.

Andrew Robins / WMUK-FM

The Democratic race in Michigan's Sixth Congressional District looks a lot different now than it did in 1992. Tuesday night, Matt Longjohn defeated three other primary candidates and will face long-time Republican Congressman Fred Upton in November. But there was no primary contest in 1992 because only one Democrat ran: Andy Davis.

Andrew Robins / WMUK-FM

A Kalamazoo-area physician hopes to do something in November that no other Democrat has: unseat long-time Congressman Fred Upton. Matt Longjohn easily defeated three other Democrats in Tuesday's primary in Michigan's Sixth Congressional District.


Democrat Paul Clements says he’s leaving the primary race in the Sixth Congressional District that includes Kalamazoo.

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Rich Eichholz says after the 2016 election he did what many people did – asked if “I was doing everything I can.” Eichholz says he has been concerned for years about growing income disparity, and its impact on economic growth.