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When Pamela Hadley walks into a dark room, she sees things. A sliver of light. The curve of a shadow.

Kaitlin LaMoine Photography

It was a shocking death. Retired Kalamazoo College professor Gail Griffin quietly maintained a long-distance relationship with her beloved Bob for 18 years. They enjoyed daily phone calls and traveled across the country to spend sabbaticals, vacations, and holidays together. Finally, they were both retired and could get married. But just four months and eight days later, Bob was gone.

Courtesy Jeanne Hess

People may know Jeanne Hess as the winning volleyball coach at Kalamazoo College. Or as a new Kalamazoo City commissioner. But Hess is also an author. Her newest book is MaxAbility: Who Are You? What Are You Here For? (2019) It’s the story of a 13-year-old boy adopted from Russia who is on the Autism spectrum.

Courtesy Kalamazoo Poetry Festival

The Kalamazoo Poetry Festival, a gathering of poets and poetry lovers, is in its seventh year. The festival takes place each year during National Poetry Month.

Binta Epelly / AP Photo

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Was there a strip of bacon beside your eggs? A sausage patty on your biscuit? Jonathan Safran Foer says that matters for the future of our planet.