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Courtesy of the artists

David Small and Sarah Stewart are bonded in marriage and more. They are bonded by their mutual love of art and literature.

John Corbett-Terri Kapsalis

Ellen Airgood co-manages a diner in Grand Marais, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, with her husband Rick. She serves in multiple roles as waitress, pastry chef, and bouncer. Between and around all that, Airgood writes.

Courtesy The Moral Courage Project

If there is one thing most of us can agree on, it’s that we live in a divisive, polarized time.

Courtesy Grandmothers of America

Two friends in Grand Rapids who are photographers wondered what the most powerful photograph they could capture would be.

Nathaniel Dalton

Dawn Newton always wanted to be a writer. She made that clear to her family as a small child, even as her father warned her that, “Writing is a big mistake. Be practical. Get into computer science.” But Newton followed her heart instead.