Art Beat

Art Beat: Cave Music

Oct 22, 2020
Sam Wagner

From deep inside a cave rise the haunting sounds of 'Cavernous,' by Minneapolis-based composer and percussionist Zack Baltich.

Portrait of novelist Kelly Daniels
Joshua Ford / Ford & Brown

Kelly Daniels has lived life large. He’s traveled the world, lived in a commune, in a van, and in a desert cabin.

John Balbach

In her debut story collection, How to Walk on Water (New American Press, 2020), Rachel Swearingen has a knack for finding the unexpected perspective.

Outdoor portrait of author Ellen Bennett
Katherine Mumma

When Ellen Bennett discovered an abandoned, broken down hotel while visiting friends in St. Augustine, Florida, she got an idea.

Courtesy Patrick Wilson

He could have been an architect. But Patrick Wilson took his fascination with buildings and other structures in another direction.