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Emily Springer

Tom Springer lives on a four-acre farm in Three Rivers that was established in the 1860’s. He’s built a close connection with nature and has collected some of those experiences and insights in a recent book.

Prashant Dault

Of the many art forms in which he works, Aerick Burton – Aerick B to his fans – is best known for his work with origami.

Courtesy of the author

What does a teacher do when he retires? Bill Klinesteker taught elementary school for 25 years, but when he left the classroom, he discovered new interests and expanded old ones.

Image of the tops of tins used by the Kalamazoo Candle Company
Kalamazoo Candle Company

We’ve all had those moments wondering how to make some extra cash. Musician Adam McFarlin explored the Internet for ideas.

Image of paint on artist Bridget Fox's fingers
Bridget Fox

Bridget Fox broke through months of COVID isolation by painting rocks and putting them along paths others might walk.