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Justin Tyler Tate’s work combines sculpture, installation, media, performance, and social art. He's exhibited more than 80 projects in more than 20 countries on four continents, most recently in Taiwan.

COVID-19 is undeniably dominating our lives. Artist Brenda Murphy felt the discomfort of lockdown too. But her approach to it was different.

Jon McCrary

Heidi McCrary’s first book – Chasing North Star (She Writes Press, 2020) – began as a memoir but ended as a novel.

Jarod Lew

One of Paula Yoo's greatest passions is raising awareness about the rise in racism against Asian-Americans.

Meg Day

Her long hair falling into her face while she was a hospital intern, Landria Christman got creative. Christman was living with her grandmother and said, “Hey Gram, show me how to use this old sewing machine you've got.”